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Ship chandler Rotterdam Port

The range of mechanical instruments includes industrial glass thermometers, precision dial thermometers, matching protective tubes for thermometers, high-quality pressure gauges, force sensors and load cells. Rotterdam Ship Supply strengths also include short delivery times, individual customer consultation, and tailored instrumentation solutions. The electronic instruments and calibration equipment product area features instruments with long-term reliability, innovative calibration technology, and a comprehensive range of services.

Tried and tested components for instrumentation and control equipment and systems help Ship chandler Rotterdam customers ensure the consistent long-term quality of their products and the efficiency of their production processes. Please do not contact with your ship’s need with ship serv and marine supplier etc, because they are requesting per supply minumum %5 comission or their all customers paying each years member dues! Where is paying this money sure paying your money if you want pay to comission you are free, but if you do not want pay to the comission and directly contact with a supplier Shipchandler Rotterdam are here. Ship chandler Rotterdam sure will arrange to your ship best service with without delay without any lose time, please free call us or send us your requistions via e-mail¬†