Ship chandler Rotterdam is a leading provider of ship provisionssupplier at all piers of Rottertam port, Ship chandler Rotterdam always offer complete supply chain solutions and attractive discounts to ship owners at Rotterdam port.

Ship chandler Rotterdam modern warehouse is equipped to meet stringent H.A.C.C.P. regulations for to rage of deep freeze, temperature controlled and dry provisions as well as an extensive range of consumable stores for vessels and suppliers to all related catering industry. Rotterdam Ship chandler have own refrigerated trucks on our premises, and experienced staff to handle your orders in due time. Ship chandler Rotterdam food purchasing staff has an experience of more than 35 years, this long term experience and know-how give us the opportunity to be cost effective and to provide value for money.

Rotterdam Ship Supply keep more than 1800 food items continuously in stock ready for issue. Your orders are normally ready for delivery 24 hours after we receive them, but sometime, to have 24 hours time is just a dream for us. Dry provisions, fresh products, frozen beef, veal, pork, lamb meats, frozen poultry, frozen fish, frozen & fresh fruits/vegetables, oriental foods, local products and international dairy products.